About Us



It's in April 2013 when our company was born M & L CANCUN REAL ESTATE, given the need to offer a Comprehensive Marketing , Customers, Local and Foreign Property Developers who saw Cancun and the Riviera Maya as a potential destination for investment .

M & L CANCUN REAL ESTATE is a continuation of the work that was made from that RIP JOSE CARLOS FERNANDEZ ORNELAS , established in 1998 DOMUS GROUP REAL ESTATE, who foreseeing the RESIDENTIAL MARKET TOURIST would become the niche with growth potential in our country and in order to cover the domestic and international market , takes one of the most important franchises in Residential Property Marketing globally with over 100 years of prestige . Shaping Coldwell Banker Domus . Same as operated until early 2013 .

 Backed by 10 years of experience in real estate , Monica Ornelas and Lucero Alvarez , decided to form this company retained the same principles, ethics and customer service .

 In M & L CANCUN REAL ESTATE understand that every family home seen as strengthening its equity base , so we aim to generate a meeting of those who develop residential concepts and needs of those who make it home.

 Our commitment is both to investors who want to diversify their portfolio , offering real estate that will provide :

 Security / Performance / gains

 Our Company & Our People

 In M & L CANCUN REAL ESTATE we are convinced a Real Estate Professional trained performs safely and smoothly , making her work a pleasant mission that results in a direct benefit to our customers , because they can look their decision something really easy, to advise properly in the technical, legal , tax and financial .

 In short , put in our hands all the elements involved in a real estate transaction and who are at your service , whether for the promotion, sale or rental of property or location and advice on the acquisition of it.

We make the Real Estate ... something really easy.

 We are at your service,

Mónica Ornelas and Lucero Alvarez