Service Portfolio


1. Project Marketing

  • Resort Homes
  • Urban Homes
  • Business
  • Industrial

2. Marketing of Independent Properties

3. Investment feasibility studies

4. Pleanning and conception of Market-Based Projets

  • Product Develoment, private areas, common areas, services, etc.
  • Pricing and financing terms and conditions both internal or external

5. Legal structuring of marketing strategies to ensure the protection of all parties involved




5.1 General marketing coordination as an "Master Broker" performing the following tasks:

5.2 Continuous supply and demand market analysis

5.3 Preparation of a global marketing strategy based on:

  • Product Presentation
  • Special Advertising Promotions
  • Price and Payment Terms and Conditions

5.4 General strategy implementation for in-house and external sales force

  • Selection of an allied sales force
  • Product inducement
  • Supply of all promotional, technical and legal elements

5.5 Training of each sales force in the following areas:

  • Product Knowledge
  • Market Awareness
  • Product oriented sales techniques
  • Legal Structure
  • Inventory displacements and sales conditions (prices and terms)
  • Continuous training for all sales forces
  • Biweekly meeting with allied sales forces to examine results

5.6 Design and production coordination, implementation of advertising media

  • Participation in advertising campaign conceptualization 
  • Management of media design creation and tools for promotion and advertising
  • Preparation of advertising budgets for analysis and approval
  • Supervision in the placement or production of media 
  • Media response analysis   

 5.7 Implementation and control of special promotions

  • Creation of special promotions
  • Coordination and preparation of promotional elements
  • Broadcasting and implementation of special promotions
  • Result analysis and reporting

 5.8 Client inventory and portfolio management

  • Drafting and signing of contracts
  • File integration
  • Mortgage applications

5.9 Purchase and sales agreement coordination, integration and creation process

  • Contract signature creation
  • File Integration
  • Mortgage credit procedures

5.10 Scheduling of Titling betwen the Client, Developer and Notary

5.11 Coordinating unit delivery between Builder and Client